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International Security and Foreign Policy




In recent years, CASI has researched the India-U.S. relationship, power realignments in Asia, and the evolving role of India in a more multipolar world, as well as the implications of climate change for Indian foreign policy. In the next two years this CASI research program will focus on India’s emerging role in international organizations; and a book length project on the key ideas, belief systems and meta-narratives that have shaped India’s engagement with the outside world and its implications for Indian foreign policy in the foreseeable future.

Engaging the World: Indian Foreign Policy and the Future of Asia


India: Two Decades of Transformation: CASI's 20th Anniversary Symposium, Panel III: India in the World, September 2012, University of Pennsylvania

India's Options in Climate Change Negotiations, March 2009, Delhi

The Future of India's Foreign Policy, April 2008, University of Pennsylvania

Power Realignments in Asia: A US-India Policy Dialogue, December 2006, Delhi

Nand & Jeet Khemka Distinguished Lectures and Special Panel Events

The Perils of Peace: Re-Imagining Risk and Reward in South Asia, Steve Coll, November 2010, New York

The India-Pakistan-U.S. Triangle, The Honorable Jaswant Singh, March 2010, University of Pennsylvania

The Future of the U.S.-India Relationship, Ambassador R. Nicholas Burns, November 2008, New York

The Future of India's Foreign Policy, Ambassador Ronen Sen, April 2008, University of Pennsylvania


CASI Foreign Policy Papers
India Review (Volume 8, Number 3, July-September 2009)


Power Realignments in Asia: China, India, and the United States
Co-edited by Alyssa Ayres, SAGE Publications, October 2009


Climate Change Negotiations - CASI/CPR 2009 Conference Papers
Economic & Political Weekly vol. xoiv, no.31, August 1-7, 2009


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