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The Sobti Family Fellowship

The Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI) aims to nurture a new generation of scholars in the study of contemporary India. In line with CASI’s vision, Penn Parents Rajiv Sobti GR’84 and Slomi Sobti, have created the Sobti Family Fellowship to support University of Pennsylvania graduate students in their research related to India’s current politics, society, economy, and international relations.

The Sobti Family Fellowship will provide up to two Penn doctoral students with $12,500 each to develop independent research interests broadly related to CASI’s agenda. The Fellowship award will include an unrestricted $10,000* grant with the addition of up to $2,500 in domestic travel expenses, conference attendance fees, and research materials. The award can be received in conjunction with existing graduate funding.

Sobti Family Fellows are invited to join the CASI community. This includes integration into the Center’s wide network of scholars, participation in weekly seminars, and involvement in CASI’s additional activities. Sobti Family Fellows will receive a desk at CASI’s office and will be supervised by CASI’s Director.

The length of the Sobti Family Fellowship will be no less than one calendar year and will begin in the late summer or early fall of 2021.


Eligible applicants are current, full-time Penn doctoral students studying contemporary lndia. Preference will be given for (1) research in the social sciences or modern history broadly aligned with the research interests of CASI and (2) to students who intend to be on campus for the majority of the academic year. In order to maximize student engagement with CASI, Fellows will be expected to conduct the bulk of any fieldwork during the fellowship period over the summer months or while Penn is not in session.


Sobti Family Fellows are required to comply with the following during their Fellowship year:

  • Engage with CASI's events, activities, and Visiting Scholars
  • Conduct a presentation at CASI upon completion of the Fellowship
  • Submit a final, written report within 30 days of completion of the Fellowship outlining how the award has advanced their research and graduate studies

To Apply

Eligible students can apply for the Sobti Family Fellowship by emailing the following items to Laura Iwanyk, Assistant Director of CASI Student Programs & Outreach:

(1)  Personal statement: students should provide their: 1) current research interests and goals; 2) an abstract of their dissertation fieldwork (if applicable); 3) discuss the Fellowship’s role in advancing their graduate studies, including a brief timeline. Personal statement should not exceed 1,000 words.
(2)  Recent Research or Writing: students should submit a recent example of their academic writing relevant to the application (e.g. class research paper, dissertation chapter, or detailed project proposal).
(3)  Curriculum Vitae
(4)  University of Pennsylvania Transcript: unofficial transcripts and screenshots are acceptable.
(5)  Letter of Recommendation: From student's graduate advisor or other faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania.

Please submit all documents in PDF format. Please also note: the letter of recommendation should come directly from your referee. Contact Laura Iwanyk ( with any questions or concerns.

Applications for the 2021-22 Sobti Family Fellowship are now closed

History of the Sobti Family Fellowship:

The Sobti Family Fellowship originated in 2014 as a post-baccalaureate award to support recent Penn graduates in their efforts to conduct independent research projects in India. Fellows were required to spend at least nine months in India designing and executing a research projects relevant to their academic and professional interests.

In 2020, the Sobti Family Fellowship was restructured as a graduate fellowship to support current, full-time Penn graduate students in their research interests related to India’s current politics, society, economy, and international relations.

Read about CASI's commitment to student research and engagement in an article in the Power of Penn newsletter: "Eyes on India: The Center for the Advanced Study of India Brings Together Minds Across the Globe"

Sobti Family Doctoral Fellows:

Sneha Sarah Mani, Graduate Group of Demography, 2021-22
Kimberly Noronha, City and Regional Planning, 2021-22
Sumitra Badrinathan, Comparative Politics, 2020-21
Apurva Bamezai, Comparative Politics, 2020-21

Sobti Family Post-Baccalaureate Fellows:

Annie Liu C'16, 2018-19
Alice Gerow C'17
, 2017-18
Sindhuri Nandhakumar
C'14, 2015-16
Vignesh Selvakumaran SEAS'14, 2014-15