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Programs & Activities

Since 1997, UPIASI’s portfolio of activities has grown to comprise over a dozen research projects and two fellowship programs. A cumulative total of 126 scholars from 78 institutions across India, USA, Canada, UK, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Israel have contributed over 190 papers for the various UPIASI projects, most of which have been published in ten edited volumes and two guest-edited special issues of refereed journals.

The refereed, pan-social science quarterly journal, India Review, published by Routledge, USA, is also edited out of UPIASI.

UPIASI's collaborative research projects have engaged scholars across a range of institutions in India, USA, UK, Canada, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Israel.

Support Services for CASI



SARI: Social Attitudes Research for India

Federalism & the All India Services

The Context of Innovation in India

Constitutional Ideas & Political Practices

International Relations Theory & South Asia

Democracy & Diversity

Bridges to the Future Initiative, India

Indo-U.S. Relations & Export Controls

Coalition Politics in India

Coalition Politics and Democratic Consolidation in Asia

ASIA Fellows Program (1999-2012)

Eisenhower Fellowships (1998-2003 and 2011-13)

Pre-Electoral Coalitions in the 2009 and 2014 Indian General Elections

Party Nominations for Elections

Representation of Dispersed Minorities in First-Past-the-Post Electoral Systems: The Case of Indian Muslims in Comparative Perspective

Party and Election Finance Regulation and Reform in India

Political Opportunism, Duration and Economic Performance in the Indian States

India in the Emerging Asian Landscape

Emerging Foreign Assistance Policies of India and China

Editorship of India Review