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Submissions to India in Transition

If you would like your article to be considered for publication in India in Transition (IiT), please follow these formatting and submission guidelines.

IiT provides an online forum for the exchange of the most innovative ideas and analyses concerning contemporary India. Our readership is global, composed of academics, policymakers, business leaders, activists, students, and anyone else interested in learning more about key developments in India. Our full archive of articles can be viewed here.

IiT Format:

  • Your article should be original and unpublished, between 1,000-1,200 words in length, and rooted in your own field of research or journalism. IiT is NOT an op-ed or blog.
  • Assume that most readers will have little knowledge related to your specific discipline and be sure to connect with issues and debates that a general audience would find relevant and interesting.
  • The introductory paragraph should hook the reader by connecting with current events and highlight the article’s thesis. Have a strong central argument and use succinct language. Avoid unnecessary detail and jargon. Clearly explain any unavoidable terminology and/or acronyms.
  • In the concluding paragraph, explore likely future developments related to your issue. What should we be following in the coming months/years? How will this issue feed into other key issues? Draw out any policy implications.
  • DO NOT INCLUDE footnotes or endnotes. All text should be incorporated within the body of the article only.
  • Feel free to include pictures, charts, or graphs (please embed them as jpeg or png files within the body of the article).

Submission Guidelines:

  • Also at the top of the email, ABOVE the article, please include a one paragraph (3-4 sentence) summary of your article AND a 1-2 sentence biographical statement indicating your position and affiliation. (If the article is adapted from your own published or forthcoming article or book, please provide the bibliographic information as well).

Failure to follow either the formatting or submission guidelines will result in automatic disqualification for publication. Due to the limitations of our publishing schedule, we are not able to accept all submissions.