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Past Events

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 - 12:00 Mr. Nusrat Durrani The South Asian Influence on Global and American Pop Culture CASI Seminar
Thursday, November 10, 2005 - 12:00 Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal India's New Entrepreneurial Classes: The High Growth Economy and Why it is Sustainable CASI Seminar
Wednesday, October 26, 2005 - 12:00 The Honorable Ronen Sen Indo-US Relations: Where Are They Headed? CASI Seminar
Tuesday, October 11, 2005 - 12:00 Mr. Charles Kaye and Mr. Dalip Pathak A Decade in India: A Warburg Pincus Perspective CASI Seminar
Monday, September 26, 2005 - 12:00 Dr. Shoma Munshi Parivaar aur Parampara (Family and Tradition): Cultural Issues in Contemporary Indian Film and TV Narratives CASI Seminar