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CASI Data Seminar Series 2023

Moderated by Rukmini S.
Independent Data Journalist; CASI Fall 2022 Visiting Fellow

Wednesday, June 14, 2023 - 10:00
All Events Meet Virtually via Zoom at 10:00am EDT / 7:30pm IST

The CASI Data Seminar Series 2023 is practitioner-focused, aimed at researchers, students, academics, journalists, those in government, and private firms who use data in their work, and would like to be exposed to an exciting dataset with which to work. Pre- and post-session handouts will consolidate knowledge for all attendees. Every month, a leading practitioner will present on a relatively new or under-used dataset that he/she has deep working knowledge of, followed by audience Q&A.

June 14, 2023:
Vidya Mahambare & Sowmya Dhanaraj

July 12, 2023:
William Joe

August 23, 2023:
Neelanjan Sircar

Summer 2023 Data Seminar Videos:

May 24, 2023:
"Demographic Transitions: Fertility and Mortality"
Aashish Gupta (Demographer and Sociologist, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, University of Oxford)

View Presentation Slides (Aashish Gupta)

Spring 2023 Data Seminar Videos:

January 18, 2023:
"The PMGSY and the Potential of Open Data from Rural India"
Harsh Nisar (Lead Data Scientist, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India)

View Presentation Slides (Harsh Nisar)

February 15, 2023:

"Migration Streams: Innovating with Data"
Chinmay Tumbe (Associate Professor of Economics, Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad)

View Presentation Slides (Chinmay Tumbe)

March 22, 2023:
"Climate Data: Expanding Horizons"
Roxy Koll (Climate Scientist, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune)

View Presentation Slides (Roxy Koll)

April 19, 2023:
"Legal Data: New Possibilities"
Saurabh Karn (Researcher/Analyst, Justice Hub)

View Presentation Slides (Saurabh Karn)