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Mark Schneider

Non-Resident Visiting Scholar
Visiting Professor of Political Studies, Pitzer College

Professor Mark Schneider's research interests include clientelism and patronage politics, party organization, local governance, and state capacity. His research employs unique survey research designs—including experimental and behavioral measures—to capture the nature of ties between local leaders and voters. In a series of articles based on data from rural Rajasthan, he demonstrates that local elected leaders lack the information required to execute an efficient electoral strategy based on a quid pro quo exchange of benefits for votes, establishes the salience of partisanship in local governance, and (with Neelanjan Sircar) shows that local elections in India allow voters to select leaders with broad-based, pro-poor distributive preferences. Ongoing work includes a book project, No Strings Attached? Parties Brokers and Voters, which explores the relationship between the organization of local political machines and the electoral and distributive strategies that politicians pursue, and collaborative work on the capacity of Indian institutions. Mark teaches a range of courses on the politics of developing countries and South Asia. He earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 2015.