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Thorium, an element named after the Norse god of thunder, may soon contribute to the world’s electricity supply Economics.com, April 12, ‘14


Solar-powered Internet access set to broaden reach of web Economictimes, April

Wonder solar cells to produce cheap laser too! Zee News, march 29, ‘14


Using bio fuel to run an irrigation pump for five acres The Hindu, march 26, ‘14


World’s first solar-powered toilet set for India launch Indian Express, March 14, ‘14

Web-GIS Tool for estimating rooftop solar power potential The Hindu, March 13, ‘14


The good grid Indian Express, Feb. 4, ‘14

Engineer develops micro hybrid power plant The Hindu, Jan. 23, ‘14

India is now one nation, one grid Live Mint, Jan. 1, ‘14

Superconductor Breakthrough Boosts Vessel Efficiency India West, Jan. 2, ‘14

Selecting right heat exchangers, the first step to energy efficiency B. Standard, Jan. 2, 2014

Southern states connect to national electricity grid Hindu B. Line, Jan. 1, ‘14

Gail's Dabhol-Bengaluru Pipeline Project receives global recognition Business Standard, Jan. 21, ‘14

Policy to Promote Solar Energy New Indian Express,  Dec. 25, ‘13


Solar Gas technology, a hope for energy security in India T. of India, Dec. 12, ‘13


Tata Power installs rain water harvesting system in Mithapur India Education Diary, Nov. 25, ‘13


U.S. Senate Bill Includes Generous Funding for Energy Science Programs    Science Insider,  Nov. 13, ‘13

Neah Power Systems Expands Global Footprint, Announces Office in New Delhi, India   WSJ.com, Oct. 30, ‘13

Kudankulam N-power plant generates 188 MW IANSLive, Oct. 28, ‘13

Changing Power Structures Casi.sas.upenn, Oct. 21, ‘13


Greenpeace announces revolutionary electricity model in Bihar CIOL, Sept. 4, ‘13

Nitish hints at Bihar becoming a power surplus state Business Standard, Oct. 4, ‘13

The solar revolution Business Standard, Oct. 13, ‘13
Shriram Group's renewable arm to invest Rs 700 cr in wind power   Business Standard, Oct. 5, ‘13

Pvt power firms cut output on coal scarcity, weak demand   B. Standard, Sept. 29, ‘13

'Solar energy a viable solution for future needs' Times of India, Sept. 27, ‘13

IBM to offer Tata Power Delhi Distribution smart grid solution Times of India, Sept. 3, ‘13

Has India Become the New Solar Energy Frontier? invezz.com, June 20, ‘12

Solar-Powered ATMs Bring Clean Water to India's Slums Spectrum, Sept. 6, ‘13

Omnigrid's Unique Solar Power Model Forbes Magazine, May 23, ‘13

Solar energy threatening the future of US electricity industry? E. Times, July 27, ‘13

Weather satellite INSAT-3D launched successfully The Hindu, July 26, ‘13

Power from CESC plant in Maharashtra finds no takers LiveMint, July 25, ‘13

India seeks to revive interest in wind sector LiveMint, July 25, ‘13

Out of the gloom The Economist, July 20, ‘13


SOLARCON India 2013 to bring together India's PV ecosystem CIOL,

July 18, ‘13



National Space Society, India team up for solar power initiative IndUS Business Journal, June 13, ‘13

Peak power deficit in April is 9,020 MW: CEA The Hindu Businessline, May 9, ‘13


Scaling Up Solar Power May Demand Updated Electric Grid Live Science, May 6, ‘13


Solar-powered irrigation pumpset has its limitations, say farmers The Hindu, May 17, ‘13

Subsidised solar tracking pumps for farmers The Hindu, May 17, ‘13



Tata Power to set up 28.8 MW solar plant in Maharashtra The Hindu, April 21, ‘13

Its moment in the sun The Economist, April 20, ‘13

Experts insist on micro-hydro to solve power crisis Republica, April 19, ‘13

How to secure India's energy B. Standard, April 17, ‘13


The 'Hamlet syndrome' in infrastructure B. Standard, April 17, ‘13



Tata Power's Mundra UMPP creates sustainable livelihood for fishermen in Gujarat India Edu. Diary, April 4, ‘13

Roof over roads to tap ...   IANS News, March 31, ‘13

Gandhinagar, March 31: India's major roads may double up as solar highways,….

Wind energy awaits favourable currents Thehindubusinessline.com, Jan. 11, ‘13



Tata Power's Mundra UMPP creates sustainable livelihood for fishermen in Gujarat India Edu. Diary, April 4, ‘13

Roof over roads to tap ... IANS News, March 31, ‘13

Gandhinagar, March 31: India's major roads may double up as solar highways,….

Wind energy awaits favourable currents Thehindubusinessline.com, Jan. 11, ‘13



Power deficit peaks in the South B. Standard, March 26, ‘13


Addressing Fears About LED Light Bulbs NY Times, March 21, ‘13


North Chennai thermal power unit attains full load The Hindu, March 11, ‘13

Unprecedented deficit in power supply: APCPDCL The Hindu, March 9, ‘13


Searching for the Solar System's Chemical Recipe Berkeley Labs, Feb. 20, ‘13

The how-to of solar energy B. Standard, Jan. 28, ‘13

New pattern to maximise solar energy Ianslive, Jan. 27, ‘13

UK scientists to mimic plants to make zero-carbon fuel Indian Express, Jan. 21, ‘13

Berkeley Lab Research Team Maximizes Impact of New Energy Technologies Berkeley Labs, Jan. 24, ‘13

Filling the Power Engineering Skills Gap The Institute, Dec. 26, ‘12

Nanoparticle Enables World Record for Energy Storage in Batteries Spectrum.ieee.org, Jan. 9, ‘13

Over a 3rd of power units have less than 7 days' coal B. Standard, Dec. 31, ‘12

Now, Vidya Mandir taps solar power The Hindu, Dec. 26, ‘12

Sunnier Side The Hindu,Dec. 26, '12

The world's new energy economy Business-standard, Dec. 20 ‘12

Impact of Climate Change on California’s Electricity Infrastructure Could Be Costly Lbl.gov, Dec. 18, ‘12

Researcher to tackle cyber security for North American power grid Securityinfowatch.com, Nov. 13, ‘12

Berkeley Lab Breaks Ground on Flexible Design Building to Test Low-energy Systems and Components      Berkeley Labs, Dec. 7, ‘12

Women as solar power entrepreneurs     terina.org

Berkeley Lab Part of Energy Department Team Selected as DOE's Batteries and Energy Storage Hub    Equities.com, Nov. 30, ‘12

Solar Companies Seek Ways to Build an Oasis of Electricity   NY Times, Nov. 19, ‘12

The practice of science is largely seen as the privilege of a few scientists    The Hindu, Nov. 5, ‘12

Engineers make petrol from air and water    The News, Oct. 20, ‘12

Kudankulam N-plant moving towards commissioning   Hindu Businessline, Oct. 19, ‘12

The Franco-Indian Quest for an Independent Nuclear Policy, 1950‐1974    Idsa, Oct. 10, ‘12

India can meet its energy needs without nuclear plants: Study   Deccan Herald, Oct. 4, ‘12

Virginia Tech, India Center To Launch Solar, Windmill Research Project   The Sacromento Bee, Oct. 1, ‘12

India Solar, Windmill Research Project Shows Great Promise   Earthtechling, October ‘12

km-tech: Forecasting tool for energy efficiency        tech2.in.com, Sept. 15, ‘12

This Swedish model is inspirational The Hindu, Sept. 14, ‘12

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant protest refuses to die as villagers hold fort   Times of India, Sept. 12, ‘12

Microgrid Strategies and Solutions Energybiz.com, July/Aug 2012

India creates green rating scheme for small buildings Ecoseed.org, Sept. 5, ‘12

Govt to spend at least Rs 2,000 crore on solar mission Power-eng.com, Sept. 5, ‘12

India willing to sell 500MW electricity to Pak SANA News, Sept. 3, ‘12

India is looking to sell 500 MW of electricity….

NTPC slashes investment B. Standard, Aug. 31, ‘12

Coal supply uncertainty prompts largest power producer to cut commitments by Rs 50,000 cr…..

Can India’s Power Grid and Users Become Smart? Econo. Times, Aug. 29, ‘12

Solar Panel Maker Doubles Output as Prices Drop: Corporate India Business Week, Aug. 27, ‘12

Power grid plans aerial patrolling D. Herald, Aug. 26, ‘12

Renewable Electricity Futures Study NREL.gov., updated on July 19, ‘12

Power crisis worsens in south The Hindu, Aug. 24, ‘12

Power holiday hits workers hard The Hindu, Aug. 23, ‘12

First Solar to Build India Farms as Outages Propel Sun Power Bloomberg.com, Aug. 23, ‘12

Mangalore: 'Southern, National Grids to be Connected to Reduce Power Problems' daijiworld.com, Aug. 20, ‘12

Berkeley Lab Scientists Develop New Way to Study Inner-Workings of Algae Cells Berkeley Labs, Aug. 20, ‘12

North India may face more power cuts as 3 plants temporarily shut down IBN News, Aug. 20, ‘12

Power sector future bright, but challenges daunting: Tata Business Standard, Aug. 19, ‘12

Employability in India's power sector needs improvement power Industry News, Aug. 14, ‘12

Solar homes to meet state households energy needs T. of India, Aug. 13, ‘12

India’s Green-Energy Providers May Struggle After Power Blackout Businessweek, Aug. 9, ‘12

Guest Post: Insight Into the Grid Failure in India Greentechmedia, Aug. 9, ‘12

TEXT-S&P report says India needs to up power sector investments Reuters, Aug. 8, ‘12

Renewables Shine through India’s Blackout to a Clean Energy Future Cleantechnica.com, Aug. 7, ‘12

Power grid failure led to 14,000 MW generation loss in 2 days: NTPC profit.ndtv.com, Aug. 7, ‘12

India-Japan team ups solar cell efficiency The Hindu Business Line, Aug. 7, ‘12

Ending Blackouts, One Solar Lamp at a Time India Ink, Aug. 6, ‘12

Solar Power to Save India's Energy Insecurity? Energydigital.com, August 5, ‘12

Southern power grid safe from tripping: Karnataka T. of India, Aug. 2, ‘12

Did the world's largest blackout launch a solar revolution in India? Reuters, Aug. 1, ‘12

Day two: 21 States plunge into darkness as 3 grids collapse The Hindu, July 31, ‘12

Blackout hits 300 million in northern India phys.org/news, July 30, ‘12

Healthy return is the key to solar power The Hindu, July 29, ‘12

Power prices at Indian Energy Exchange treble in 18 days economictimes.indiatimes.com, July 27, ‘12

In Parts of India, Wind Energy Proving Cheaper than Coal Clean Tech, July 26, ‘12

India to use "plutonium" reactor in two years: Atomic Energy Commission economictimes.indiatimes.com, July 26, ‘12

Power to India's People Wall Street Journal, July 26, ‘12

Rooftop solar will be the next big thing, say experts Thehindubusinessline.com, July 26, ‘12

India's energy consumption to double by 2031: Study newstrackindia.com, July 25, ‘12

$125 million US-India Initiative drives expansion of university's solar energy ...   phys.org, July 23, ‘12

IGNOU to start course on power distribution T. of India, July 16, ‘12

Power of the sun through channels than shine The Hindu, July 13, ‘12

Solarbridge Technologies launches new products, partners at Intersolar SolarBridge technologies, July 9, ‘12

IIT-Bombay students to map country’s energy needs, find answers indianexpress.com, July 9, ‘12

Policy changes key for revival of the power sector B. Standard, July 8, ‘12

Solar ATMs for rural India       Eco-Business, July 6, ‘12

A Conversation With: BSES Rajdhani Power’s Gopal K. Saxena        NY Times, July 6, '12

Anu Solar to open 2,000 solar electronic product stores across India       Eco-Business, July 5, ‘12

GPU-Powered Systems feature among Indian supercomputers in Top 25 list expresscomputeronline.com, July 3, ‘12

A tool that educates consumers on energy efficiency The Hindu, July 2, ‘12

Solar power brings electricity to the homes of India's poor     Guardian.co.uk, 3 July 2012

Power crisis: India faces a shortage of 17,000 MW     Moneycontrol.com, July  3, 12

Scientists develop spray-on battery   June 29, ‘12

Agartala plans to generate power from plastic Waste Management World, June 7, ‘12

Foot-tapping with the sun The Hindu, March 20, ‘12

Indian nuclear power plant gets go-ahead UPI.com, March 20, ‘12

India to have 6 fast breeder reactors Deccan Herald, Feb. 17, ‘12

Fuel crisis hinders ambitions of captive power B. Standard, Feb. 14, ‘12

Bright Days: How India Is Reinventing Solar Ecocentric.blogs., February 13, 2012

Industries in Coimbatore shut on power cut issue The Hindu, Feb. 11, ‘12

Yamuna Power’s solar energy to pump water Eco-business.com., Feb. 10, ‘12

Power-ful Gujarat seeks Centre's help T. of India, Feb. 8, ‘12

India’s Gujarat State Completes 300 Megawatts of Solar Plants bloomberg.com, Feb. 8, ‘12

India: Renewable Energy Investment Outpaces Rest of the World Sustainablebusiness.com, Feb. 7, ‘11

Solar cells moving down the roof The Hindu, Feb. 6, ‘12

Social Enterprise Mera Gao Power Connecting Those Without Power in India Justmeans.com, Feb. 6, ‘12

India records world-beating green energy growth Guardian.co.uk, Feb. 3, ‘12

India's panel price crash could spark solar revolution newscientist.com, Feb. 2, ‘12

On the ground with clean power in India Gigaom.com, Feb. 1, ‘12

Handling the energy crisis Hindu Business Line, Jan. 30, ‘12

A 'thermal battery' for villages in India cnet.com, Jan. 29, ‘12

Solar energy brightens future, can it end India's power woes? Power Engineering, Jan.24, ‘12

Solar Cheaper Than Diesel Making India’s Mittal Believer: Energy Bloomberg, Jan. 24, ‘12

Power-One Installs 25MW of PV Inverters in One of the Largest Solar Projects in India marketwatch.com, Jan. 5, ‘12

India to add 22,000 of grid solar power by 2022, report says Renewable Energy Magazine, Jan. 10, ‘12

Custom-mutated bacteria converts seaweed to fuel csmonitor.com, January 19, 2012

Pulok Chatterjee to head committee on power sector reforms The Hindu, jan. 18, ‘12

India govt assures solution to power sector issues Reuters, Jan. 18, ‘12

India can be a great power using more renewable energy electroiq.com/, Jan. 17, ‘12

Power sector reforms crucial for India: CII News24online, Jan. 17, ‘12

Sam Pitroda : Government to modernise power usage calculations Onion Live, Jan. 17, ‘12

Government to put a cap on energy usage by companies rediff.com, January 12, 2012

Solar in India: Gujarat proposes INR 7.49/kWh FIT rate for plants commissioned after January 28th Solarserver, Current/2012

In Solar Power, India Begins Living Up to Its Own Ambitions Energy & Environment, Dec. 29, ‘11

India Asks State-Run Firms to Build Renewable Energy Projects WSJ, Dec. 29, ‘11
Solar-powered sprayer that solves many problems The Hindu, Dec. 29, ‘11

Scarcities dim power sector's shine F. Express, Dec. 21, ‘11

Wipro: IT Outsourcing Meets the Smart Grid Green Tech Media, Dec. 20, ‘11

India: Journey from weakest grids to smart grids Utility Products, 12/2011

India has generation based incentive scheme for wind and solar energy SteelGuru.com, Dec. 20, ‘11

Indian solar capacity to hit 33.4 GW by 2022; off-grid potential "huge" PV magazine, Dec. 20, ‘11

Bunker Roy: Learning from a barefoot movement tedGlobal2011, posted on October 2011

Closing India's infrastructure deficit B. Standard, Dec. 20, ‘11

Record-Low Bids Show India’s Solar Power Price Closing Gap With Coal Rates bloomberg.com, Dec. 4, ‘11

India seeks IAEA help for safety of N-plants Econ. Times, Dec. 2, ‘11

Stormy sun could knock out power grids – report reuters.com. Dec. 2, ‘11

Smart Grid is the ‘energy Internet' of the future The Hindu, Dec. 1, ‘11

Cairn India and ONGC restarts exploration activity in  India infoline, Nov. 29, ‘11

CII Bio Energy Summit – Enabling Sustainable Energy Access for India indiaeducationdiary.in, Nov. 29, ‘11

Electricity Generation Loss of 5.3 Billions Units in April-October, 2011 The T. of India, Nov. 28, ‘11

Draft policy on solar energy soon The T. of India, Nov. 27, ‘11

People's power vs. nuclear power: Myths and realities The Daily Star, Nov. 22, ‘11

Power tariff to go up in Tamil Nadu Truthdrive.com, Nov. 18, ‘11

Power consumers may have to pay up to 110% more The Hindu, Nov. 16, ‘11

India Doubles Solar-Power Installation Target as Industry Booms glassonweb.com, Nov. 14, ‘11

India to have 2 GW solar power capacity by 2013 nvo News, Nov. 10, ’11.

Thorium shows promise for nuclear power UPI.com, Nov. 9, ‘11

PROGRESS ON ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN THREE KEY CITIES National Resources Defense Council, Nov. 8, ‘11


With an installed capacity of over 14,150 MW, India is currently the fifth largest market in the world for wind energy…..


GTM Research and Bridge to India analyze the opportunity in India’s off-grid solar segments and their potential to reach gigawatt scale….

Scientists bat for Kudankulam: 'Spent fuel is safe' DNA India, Nov. 3, ‘11

According to the project director, Indian scientists have mastered the technology and expertise to extract more fuel from the entire lot of spent fuel which will be generated in the KNPP…..

India to Become Anchor of Global Solar Demand sustainablebusiness.com, Nov. 3, ‘11

India plans 'safer' nuclear plant powered by thorium Guardian.co, Nov, 1, ‘11

India’s Explosive Energy Growth


India-Lanka power grid link feasibility study likely by Dec Business Line, Oct. 23, ‘11


India: First big ticket solar project goes online pv magazine, Oct. 14, ‘11

Researcher Uses Google Earth to Track India's Nuclear Program pcworld.com, Oct. 14, ‘11

Coal crunch may trip power plants including those of NTPC Econ. Times, Oct. 14, ‘11

Moser Baer Completes India’s Largest Solar Power Plant Businessweek.com, Oct. 12, ‘11

Govt says power-related problems will be solved within 48 hrs IBN Live, Oct. 12, ‘11

GE, Greenko to develop wind energy projects across India elp.com, Oct. 10, ‘11

Green Energy for Sri City: BELECTRIC installs India’s first solar power plant with First Solar thin-film technology OpenPR, Oct. 7, ‘11

Can renewable energy help solve India's power woes? Rediff.com, Oct. 3, ‘11

ADB $750mn loan to promote smart electricity transfer in India brecorder.com, Sept. 30, ‘11

Efficient lights for Indian homes
Hindu Business Line, Sept. 29, ‘11



Smart grid offers users the capability of monitoring power consumption E. Times, Sept. 27, ‘11

Abengoa SA : Abengoa completes India’s first solar-thermal power plant 4-traders.com, Sept. 26, ‘11

Addressing rural power shortage problems innovatively The Hindu, Sept. 29, ‘11

Efficient Lights for Indian Homes Hindu Business Line, Sept. 29, ‘11

Better Lithium-Ion Batteries Are On The Way From Berkeley Lab Lbl Labs, Sept. 23, ‘11

Energy Monitoring Innovator Wins MacArthur Grant India West, Sept. 23, ‘11

ENERGY SAVED IS POWER ADDED Hindu Business Line, Sept. 16, ‘11

India coal shortage spurs larger debate Wash. Post, Sept. 11, ‘11

An Electronic Bucket Brigade Could Boost Solar Cell Voltages Lbl.gov., Sept. 15, ‘11

Indosolar in Talks With China's GCL for $2 Billion Solar Deal Reuters.com, Sept. 14, ‘11

ADB to approve $100bn boost to Indian solar Times Live, Sept. 14, ‘11

India's nuke power plants meet safety norms: BARC T. of India, sept. 14, ‘11

A safety device to check electricity leakage ZEE News, Sept. 13, ‘11

Next stop for solar cell technology: your clothing, perhaps The Hindu, Sept. 12, ‘11

Joint agreement on clean coal technology

Research and Markets Releases Report on Indian Solar Energy Market Azocleantech.com, sept. 7, ‘11

Europe gives India €200m loan for renewable energy projects Click Green, Aug. 29, ‘11

Lighting Science And Dixon Join Hands To Light India With LED Crazy engineers, Aug. 30, ‘11

Karnataka plans land use policy for wind energy B. Standard, Aug. 26, ‘11

MHI-led Consortium to Implement Feasibility Study with India's Tata Group for Creation of Smart Community in Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Plan Market Watch, Aug. 26. ‘11

30 India-European Projects for Clean Technology in India Daijiworld.com, Aug. 25, ‘11

Harnessing the sun’s power to make water flow CS Monitor, Aug. 24, ‘11

Husk Power lights rural India Gigaom, Aug. 24, ‘11

Solar Farming Potential in India Energyplus.net, Aug. 24, ‘11

Solar-powered two-wheeler for the physically-challenged The Hindu, Aug. 22, ‘11

Schneider Bags Solar Deal Worth 110 Cr Ciol.com, Aug. 19, ‘11

Tata Power's green plans: 6,000MW by 2017 Power-eng., Aug. 16, ‘11

Tata Power Co. Ltd is making a big bet on clean energy…..

India likely to see about 1 mn "green jobs" in next two years The E. Times, August 15, ‘11

July sees double-digit growth in power generation B. Standard, Aug. 11, ‘11

KfW to Loan 250 Million Euros to Build Biggest Indian Solar Park Bloomberg. Com, Aug. 11, ‘11

Reliance Power to Set Up India's Largest Windfarm E. Times, Aug. 10, ‘11

World Bank to provide $648 mn for power project in U'khand moneycontrol.com, Aug. 10. ‘11

SEMI partners with NCPRE at IIT Bombay for solar technical training indiainfoline, Aug. 10, ‘11

Techno Electric plans to raise wind power capacity by 85% this fiscal dnaindia.com, July 29, ‘11

Satcon to supply inverters for 40 MW of Indian PV plants Solarserver.com, July 25, ‘11

Power sector to generate $294 billion Times of India, July 22, ‘11




US funding for clean energy projects Express Buzz, July 20, ‘11

Delhi Govt to Generate Power From Medical Waste Outlookindia.com, Aug. 4, ‘11

CEA eyes Gujarat for second mega power project H. Business Line, Aug. 3, ‘11

Soon half of India's power from private sector: Power Minister E. Times, July 24, ‘11

US to invest $820 mn in India's renewable energy sector Two Circles.net, July 19, ‘11

TATA BP Solar India Completes Solar Installation in Tamil Nadu, India Azocleantech.com, July 12, ‘11

India’s Karnataka State Seeks 350 Megawatts of Solar Capacity Bloomberg.com, July 12, ‘11

Indian Renewable Energy Minister Commissions Smart Mini-Grid System Smart Grid.tmcnet, July 7, ‘11

Power generation jumps to 70 bn units in June B. Standard, July 7, ‘11

SunBorne Energy to build 1MW solar power tower pv-tech.org, July 6, ‘11

India's First Smart Mini Grid for Homes and Offices Technology Review, July 1, 2011

A smart solution to power shortage B. Standard, July 5, ‘11

India's first renewable energy based smart mini-grid system commissioned E. Times, July 4, ‘11

India's rural poor give up on power grid, go solar Sify.com, July 4, ‘11

The State of Gujarat, India to Open Solar Park in Two years azocleantech.com, June 30, ‘11

NTPC to play big role in renewable energy sector B. Standard, June 30, ‘11

India's women solar engineers light up rural life Trust.org., June 22, ‘11

Moser Baer May Start India’s Largest Solar Plant Within 3 Weeks Bloomberg, June 21, ‘11

India’s Tamil State to Start Repaying $267 Million to Wind Farms Bloomberg, June 16, ‘11

Nuclear power: French advantage Front Line, June 18-july 1, ‘11

Azure Power Constructs 5 MW Solar Power Facility in Gujarat, India azocleantech.net, June 14, ‘11

IBM Teams With Bureau of Energy Efficiency to prepare for India’s first smart grid project Express Computer, June 1-15, 11

Berkeley Lab expands energy exchanges with India rdmag.com, June 13, ‘11

Johnson Controls May Seek to Build Solar-Power Plants in India Bloomberg.com, June 13, ‘11

Google invests $280 million in SolarCity CNNMoney.com, June 14, ‘11

India; third largest investment destination for renewables S. India, June 8, ‘11

South to be Fully Merged with National Power Grid in 3 Years The Hindu B.Line, June 3, ‘11

Smart grid needs Indian support frontline.in, May, ‘11

India's first waste-to-energy plant generates heat centralchronicle.com, May 24, ‘11

BHEL develops India's first ultra high voltage transformer Domain-b.com, May 27, ‘11   

Solar power to reach 68,000MW by 2022 Livemint.com, May 25, ’11.

Designed for safety Front Line, May. 21-Jun. 03, 2011

IBM teams with Bureau of Energy Efficiency to prepare Smart Grid project S. Indian, May 19, ‘11

Highly efficient solar product The Hindu, May 18, ‘11

Twitter Users Track Power Outages in India PC World, May 16. ‘11

Solar May Equal Cost of Producing Coal Power by 2017 in India, KPMG Says Bloomberg.com, May 16, ‘11

India Seeks Uranium Mines for expanded nuclear generation Bloomberg, May 12, ‘11

Wind Energy Initiatives of Tata Power Orissdiary.com, May 12, ‘11

Govt body to review nuclear projects in India B. Standrd, May 11, ‘11

Indian energy: running out of gas ft.com, May 10, ‘11

India’s renewable energy plans require $34bn investment by 2017 Newnet, May 6, ‘11

India: The Next Hot Solar Market Reuters, May 5, ‘11

India to Add 17 GW Renewable Energy in 2012-17 Panchabuta.com, May 5, ‘11

JatrophaWorld India 2011 to Highlight Genetics Agronomics and Horticulture … prweb.com, May 4, ‘11

India’s SunBorne Energy and Suntech to deliver 100 MW to India EcoSeed, May 4,‘11

Alternative Energy Watch: Electric Vehicles and Batteries; Solar ...

May 3, 2011 ... Alternative energy news today ponders electric vehicles and the batteries that power them, takes a look at solar installation in India and ...

India’s Rusty Wind Farms Help Gamesa, Vestas Build Foothold T. of India, April 28, ‘11

Tata Power commissions 3MW solar power plant in India PV Tech, April 28, ‘11

Nuclear Energy Roils Indian Politics Asia Sentinel ,  April 27, ‘11

Need to integrate the entire region by a robust power grid : KC Venugopal Daily India, April 27, ‘11
A Surprise: China’s Energy Consumption Will Stabilize
Berkeley Lab, April 27, ‘11

ADB to provide $150 mn to up India's solar power use B. Standard, April 19, ‘11

RTI brings electricity to Fulsar village in Narmada T. of India, April 19, ’11.

Opposition to huge India nuclear plant hardens after Japan Reuters.com, April 16, ‘11

Dikshit Forges Ahead With Waste to Energy Projects in Delhi Waste-management-world, April 15, ‘11

Resistance to Jaitapur Nuclear Plant Grows in India NY times, April 13, ‘11

India’s Nuclear Power May Borrow 30 Billion Rupees This Year Bloomberg.com, April 13, ‘11

India’s PLG Power looks to build 120MW solar cell plant newenergyworldnetwork.com, April 13, ‘11

Officials Generate Electricity through Sewage Gases in Western India ntdtv.com, April 12, ‘11

How thermal plants can be re-energised with help from US agencies thehindubusinessline.com, April 12, ‘11

India-Australia workshop on energy efficiency DailyIndia, April 11, ‘11

Now, generate power from wind produced by passing trains! DNA News, April 6, ‘11

TERI's solar lanterns light up lives of under-privileged children of Yamuna Khader Indiaeducationdiary.in, April 5, ‘11

28,000 MW of electricity capacity to be set up in 2011-12 Business Standard, April 5, ‘11

Technology Is Not the Answer The Atlantic, march 28, ‘11

424 Non-Solar Renewable Energy Receipts Traded on Day 1 B.  Standard, April 1, ’11.

Wind Power Installations Thriving in India Sbwire.com, March 31, ’11.

India is 10th Among G-20 Countries in Clean Energy Investments S. India, March 31, ‘11

Can India's Tata make cheap, distributed energy? Cnet.com, March 29, ’11.

The Race for Alt Fuel Indian Electricity Initiative Shines New Light on Farm Garbage The Cutting edge News, March 28, ‘11 

ABB to provide $900M link for power superhighway in India Water Power, March 28, ‘11

Firms warm up to geothermal energy B. Standard, march 28, ‘11

Poll effect: Spot electricity prices zoom in South The Hindu B. Line, march 23, ‘11

Renewable energy trading to start from Mar 30 B. Standard, March 23, ‘11

Poll effect: Spot electricity prices zoom in South The hindu businessline.com, March 23, ‘11

BHEL, ABB consortium bag PowerGrid contract The hindu businessline.com, march 23, ‘11

Villages to lead renewable energy development initiatives B. Standard, March 23, ‘11

Tata Power, Sunengy to launch floating solar power plant Sify.com, March 22, ‘11

India outgrows US in energy efficiency commodityonline.com, March 18, ‘11

India puts faith in nuclear power despite Japan crisis channelnewsasia.com, March 17, ‘11

Environmental Entrepreneurs: India's Husk Power Systems Converts Rice Husks into Energy wri.org, March 17, ‘11

Hydrothermal Energy to Boost Power Generation Capacity in India Reports RNCOS Newswiretoday.com,  March 16, ’11.

Decline in CO2 emission growth of power plants B. Standard, March 14, ’11

Merchant power plant policy being finalized The financial express, March 16, ‘11

IFC to invest $15 mn in Simran Wind Project B. Standard, March 15, ‘11

India should go ahead with N-energy option: Expert msn.com, March 15, 11

Hong Kong's CLP to Triple Renewable Energy Capacity in India in 3 Years Bloomberg,com, March 11, ‘11

India's Rural Electrification to raise $200 mln by March end Reuters, March 11, ’11.

In Bid to Boost Clean Transport, India Cuts Duties on Electric Car Components Ictsd.org, march 9, ‘11

Power Exchange India to Start Trading in RECs from March 30 Economic Times, March 9, ‘11

Study Shows 8000 MW Potential in Tidal Energy for India Eco-Business,  March 8, ’11.

BGR Energy Gets RS 37 Crore Contracts from Powergrid Business Standard, march 8, ‘11

Clenergen to Commence Generation of Electricity at the 27MW/h Cogeneration Power Plant in India Live-pr.com, Match 7, ‘11

CLP Holdings Unit to Build Two India Wind Farms in Renewable Energy Boost Bloomberg, MARCH 7, 2011

Indian Government to Set Up 3 Hydel Power Projects at Beas HydroWorld , March 7, ‘11

Electron-democracy What Matters, March 3, ‘11

Franchising in power sector will lead to losses: Kedar T. of India, March 6, ‘11

Indo-US centre on clean energy soon T. of India, March 5, ’11

''Green lights brought down electricity bills by Rs2cr last yr'' msn.com, March 5, ’11.

Powering energy needs of India Powergenworldwide.com, March 4, ’11.

NComputing Virtualizes India's Computers for Energy Savings Greenbiz.com March 2, ‘11

High land cost, shy banks shadow sun power sector Expressindia.com, march 1, ‘11

Taking Energy Efficiency to New Heights in Switch Board, Feb. 28, ‘11

Wind energy Vestas Opens New R&D Test Centre in India evwind.es, Feb. 26, ‘11

Zambia secured USD 50 million from India to develop hydro power project Steelguru, Feb. 24, ‘11

Intersolar Award - Highlighting Innovation for a Solar-Powered Future PR News wire, Feb. 22, ‘11

India could boost rural electricity: study
UPI.com, Feb. 16, ‘11

India can generate 68,000 MW power from renewable sources WB  E. Times, Feb. 11, ‘11

US, Indian agencies to exchange technology T. of India, Feb. 9, ‘11

Solar power project for Gurdaspur district T. of India, Feb. 9, ‘11

Cost Uncertainty Dogs the Jaitapur Nuclear Project DNA News, Feb. 3, ‘11

Suzlon in 1 GW wind power deal in India Reinforcedplastics.com, Feb. 1, ‘11

BigBOSS Receives Favorable Review from the National Optical Astronomy Observatory Berkeley labs, Feb. 1, ‘11

GE to Make Turbines for Plant in India Bloomberg.com, Jan. 31, ‘11

ADB to Provide Loan for India Hydropower Projects Renewableenergyworld.com, Jan. 31, ‘11

Biomass Could Power Indian State Bioenergy-news.com, Jan. 31, ‘11

IICT working on renewable energy projects B. Standard, Jan. 31, ‘11

Small US Firms Tap Into India's Solar Mission LiveMint, Jan. 27, ‘11

AMSC receives US$9m wind turbine order from India Focus.com, Jan. 27, ‘11

'Jaitapur Project Will Not Harm Environment', Says Kakodkar T of India, Jan. 21, ‘11

Indian Power Developers Looking for Loans in China 2point6billion.com, Jan. 21, ‘11

Kaiga-4 Nuclear Power Plant Synchronized with Southern Power Grid Sify.com, Jan. 19, ‘11

India to Award 1,300 MW of Solar Power Tenders in 2011utilities-me.com, Jan. 19, ‘11

A Smarter Electric Grid for Bangalore, India

India to Lead Solar Energy Drive in Asia and Pacific OneIndia.in, Jan. 14, ‘11

Russia keen to partner India in tapping thorium cycle Business Line, Jan. 9, ‘11

India Makes Headway in Indigenous Atomic Power Programme Independent News, Jan. 7, ‘11

Suzlon Energy to build 150 MW wind power projects in India Power-Gen Worldwide, jan. 7, ‘11 

9 Solar Power Projects Approved for Haryana B.Standard, Jan. 7, 11

India Allows NTPC to Allot Additional Electricity to States Hosting Plants bloomberg.com, Jan. 6, ‘11

India to design advanced ultra super critical boilers Sify.com, Jan. 6, ‘11

Foreign firms look to increase solar power presence in India

Tamil Nadu to Come Out with Action Plan on Climate Change B.Standard,Dec.24, ‘10

CLP India Inks $288 Million ECB Pact for Haryana Power Plant B. Standard, Dec. 23, ‘10

Foreign Firms Look to Increase Solar Power Presence in India The Econ. Times, Dec. 22, ‘10

Delhi Gets 1-MW Solar Energy Generator B. Standard, Dec. 22, ‘10

Russia Will Build at Least 18 Nuclear Generation Units in India indrus.in, Dec. 22, ‘10       

Belarus Invites India to Help Build Power Plants Sify News, Dec. 22, ‘10

India, Russia to sign crucial defence deals today Hindustan Times, Dec. 20, ‘10

Areva India defends its nuclear reactors; in talks with Bhel, L&T LiveMint, Dec. 18, ‘10

Delhi may face fewer power cuts H. Times, Dec. 16, ‘10

Now, Switch Off Lights at Home From Office The H. Business Line, Dec. 14, ‘10

India's solar mission moving ahead UPI.com, Dec. 10, ‘10

India May Extend Local Equipment Usage Rule for Solar Power Beyond 2013 Bloombeg.com, Dec. 13, ‘10

Mumbai Students Go the Solar Way to Light Up "Dark" Villages DNAIndia, Dec. 13, ‘10

India On Track to Achieve Solar Power Target
Source: Wall Street Journal
India Poised for $169 Billion Investment in Clean Energy
Source: The Hindu

India's Private Sector to Help Nation Overcome Energy Deficit VOA News, Dec. 10, ‘10

Power capacity targets will slip further on hydro delays Business Line, Dec. 9, ‘10

Lighting up the subcontinent New Statesman, Dec. 9, ‘10

India, Pakistan, Afghanistan to Sign Four-Nation Gas Pipeline Deal sify.com, Dec. 9, ‘10

Potholes on the road to nuclear power dnaindia.com News, Dec. 8, ‘10

There was a hiccup in the India-France nuclear deal. The framework agreement between Areva,….

India's Solar Auction at Risk as Tata Power Says Projects `Not Bankable' Bloomberg.com, Dec. 8, ‘10

Biogas plant planned for India Bioenergy news, Dec. 8, ‘10

CESC enters hydel with Arunachal Pradesh plant dnaindia.com News, Dec. 7, ‘10

India and France in nuclear deal BBC News, Dec. 6, ‘10

Yet Another Power Project MOU Signed The T. of India, Dec. 3, ‘10

India may not meet power capacity addition target: Par Panel B. Standard, Dec. 3, ‘10

India may not meet power capacity addition target: Par Panel B. Standard, Dec. 2, ‘10

India to phase out Cirus nuke research reactor soon Silicon India, Dec. 1, ‘10

Bidding Chief for India’s First Solar Auction Resigns businessweek.com/news, Dec. 1, ‘10

Siemens Plans Energy Automation Hub In India automationworld.com, Nov. 30, ‘10

Clenergen Corporation Signs Agreement to Operate a 27 Marketwatch.com, Nov. 30, ‘10

Siemens to Invest Rs. 400 Crore on Wind Turbines in India Economic Times, Nov. 30, ‘10

IBM, IIT students to work on power grid management system The Hindu, Nov. 29, ‘10

Indian Power Players Eye High Seas for Wind Energy Thehindubusinessline.com, Nov. 29, ‘10

Six Villages in India Go Solar with Solar Home and Street Lights azocleantech.com

HSBC Nears Deal in India’s $16 Billion Energy-Savings Market bloomberg.com, Nov. 24, ‘10

ADB signs JV to develop renewable energy in India news.oneindia.in, Nov. 24, ‘10

India ranks sixth in nuclear power generation Econ. Times, Nov. 23, ’10.

Reforms draw foreign funds to India's power sector Econ. Times, Nov. 23, ’10.

Solar power rates to drop 20% by 2013 B. Standard, Nov. 23, ‘10

Tata Power to invest around Rs 5,000 cr in wind energy by 2017 The Econ. Times, Nov. 21, ‘10

India can lead the way in green energy, says Al Gore The Hindu, Nov. 21, ‘10

India’s Climate Bet: An Emerging Giant’s Alternative Route to Power wri.org, Nov. 19, ‘10

Going green in a tech-driven world CIOL News, Nov. 19, ‘10

India launches Renewable Energy Certificate system commodityonline.com, Nov. 19, ‘10

India Launches Renewable Energy-Based Market Instruments Nasdaq, Nov. 19, ‘10

'Tractor-Inverter' Provides Off-Grid Power in India off-grid.net, Nov. 18, 2010

France, Russia looking towards India for nuclear collaboration dnaindia.com, Nov. 18, ‘10

India’s Mumbai Airport Has Power Outage; Operations Normal Bloomberg, Nov. Nov. 18, ‘10

India's Power Grid issue oversubscribed nearly 15 times Yahoo!News, Nov. 13, ‘10

Cold fusion offers best way to generate power: scientist Sify News, Nov. 13, ‘10

Rice Husks Help Electrify India and Fight Poverty renewableenergymagazine.com, Nov. 11, ‘10

India Explores Offshore Wind Farms Indianexpress, Nov. 11 ‘10

India Will Stand by its Committments on Emissions Cuts The Hindu, Nov. 11, ‘10

IBM plans to offer solutions to Indian power grid HinduBusinessLine, Nov. 11, ’10.

US, India Launch Space-Based Solar Energy Initiative ecopolitology.org, Nov. 10

IBM and NDPL Host Forum to Accelerate Smart Grid Transformation in India informationweek.in, Nov. 10, ‘10

India Calls for Developed Nations to Share Green Technology Techeye.net, Nov. 10, ‘10

AES Plans to Spend $15 Billion to Raise Power Generation Capacity in India Bloomberg.com, Nov. 9, ’10.

India, US to Set up Clean Energy R&D Center IBTimes, Nov. 9, ‘10

Europe to Invest in Massive Solar Power Plants in India CleanTechnica,  Nov. 9, ‘10

India, US Sign Deal for Promotion of Clean Energy The Hindu, Nov.8, ‘10

French Energy Giant Areva to Invest $3 Billion in India's Solar Power Sector Earth & Industry, Nov. 8, ‘10

Indian Wind Giant Eyes Chinese Market BusinessGreen.com, Nov. 2, ‘10

BG Group to Invest $500 Million in India Domain-B.com, Nov. 2, ‘10

India To Add 4700 MW Renewable Power by 2012 Steelguru.com, Nov. 2, ‘10

Siemens to set up energy sector in The H BLine, Nov. 1, ‘10

Suzlon Energy in a soup Finance Buzz, Oct.30, ‘10

Yale ties up with IIM, IIT for courses in academic leadership DNA News, Oct. 29, ‘10

Wind Power Growth Slows to 2007 Levels NY Times, Oct. 29, ‘10

UPDATE 2-Reliance Power, Shanghai Electric ink $8.3 bln deal Reuters  Africa.com, Oct. 28, ‘10

India May Establish Risk Fund to Encourage Loans to Solar Power Projects Bloomberg.com, Oct. 28, ‘10

National session on intelligent city grid from Friday The HinduBusinessLine, Oct. 27, ‘10

India emerging key hub for wind turbines The HinduBusinessLine, Oct. 27, ‘10

Low cash cuts off power firms B. Standard, Oct. 27, ‘10

Sunny Countries May Add 1,100 Gigawatts in Solar Panels by 2030 Bloomberg.com, Oct. 27, ‘10

The future looks bright
T. of India, Oct. 27, ‘10

Wipro develops unique solar product to revolutionise green energy space
Indian Express, Oct. 25, ‘10

Siemens Enters Indian Wind Energy Sector With 250 MW Capacity Turbine Manufacturing Facility earthandindustry.com, Oct. 25, ‘10

GE Receives $750 Million Turbine Order for India's Reliance Power Plant Bloomberg.com, Oct. 25, ‘10

Billionaire Mofatraj Munot-Backed Kalpataru Plans Electricity Towers Plant Bloomberg.com, Oct. 25, ‘10 

Suddenly, coal has become sexy

Times of India, Oct. 22, ‘10

Increase output of power plants, says CPRI

Times of India, Oct. 22, ‘10

AP requires 18,500 Mw by 2015

Sify.com, Oct. 21, ‘10

A Cure for America’s Energy and Education Woes

GreentechSolar, Oct. 21 ‘10

Suzlon selects IBM for IT solutions

Times of India, Oct. 20, ‘10

How U.S. Startups Will Thrive in Solar

GreentechSolar, Oct. 19, ‘10

Investors flock to small hydel projects

E. Times, Oct. 18, ‘10

India's "King Coal" Sale to Raise Billions

Google.com, Oct. 17, 10

Solar-powered plane set for world tour IBN News, Oct. 15, ‘10

US Firm to Invest Billions to Set Up 1000MW Solar Thermal Power PLants in India Cleantechnica, Oct. 13, ‘10

CleanTech for India's Rural Poor- A Business Opportunity? Csr-asia.com, Oct. 13, ‘10

Gujarat Aims to Become India’s Green Dynamo Greentech solar, Oct. 12, ‘10

Suzlon Plans to Sell As Much As $1 Billion Of Shares Bloomberg B. Week, Oct. 12, ‘10

India Solar Power Plans Over-Subscribed Reuters, Oct. 12, ‘10

NTPC joint venture brings first 500MW of capacity online to power Commonwealth Games Ifandp.com, Oct. 12, ‘10

The Lights Go Out on Last U.S. Plant for Incandescents

greentechmedia.com, Oct. 11, ‘10

India's Tata invests in MIT spin-off Sun Catalytix

Essar Energy May Buy Overseas Refinery to Boost Gasoline Sales from India Bloomberg. Com, Oct. 8, ‘10
Berkeley Lab Awarded $12.5 Million to Lead a U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center Berkeley Lab, Oct/ 7, ‘10

Scope for $ 300 Billion Investment in Power Sector: Sushilkumar Shinde
India Invites Foreign Investors to Invest in Power Sector
Press Information Bureau, Oct. 5, ‘10

A future energy giant? India's thorium-based nuclear plans

Physorg.com, Oct. 1, ‘10
India to miss power generating capacity:CEA

igovernment.in, Sept. 29, ‘10
GE Hitachi in talks with NPC for 6 reactors

B.Standard, Sept. 27, ‘10
Asia Begins Embracing Solar Power

NY Times, Sept. 27, ‘10
Delta India to set up export-oriented plant in Chennai

ibnlive.in.com, Sept. 27, ‘10
Asia looks to nuclear

smh.com, Sept. 27, ‘10
As the world discovers the appeal of small, modular gas-cooled units, India expects to be the earliest and largest market for this technology - in its towns ...

Multilateral Space-based Solar Energy Program Led by India, US Proposed cleantechnica.com, Sept. 18, ‘10

Indosolar's outlook looks positive in long run: Nirmal Bang The Econ. Times, Sept. 15, ‘10
REC could boost investment in renewable energy, says Fitch Financial Express, Sept. 15, ‘10

Electrifying India with rice husk Sify.com, Sept. 13, ‘10

Fueling green economy will reward in long run


How the Smart Grid Could Fight Off Energy Thieves in India greentechmedia.com, Sept. 23, ‘10

Govt reworking open access proposal

B. Standard, Sept. 22, ‘10

IEA Says More People in India Lack Access to Power Than Any Other Nation bloomberg.com, Sept. 22, ‘10

Fuel cells for the future

The Hindu, Sept. 21, ‘10

India to install 400 million power saver lamps

Deccan Chronicle, Sept. 21, ‘10

Orient Green Power IPO may face some strong headwinds

Money Line, Sept. 20, ‘10

India seeks Canadian investment in power sector

Sify.com, Sept. 20, ‘10

Punjab govt agrees to provide productivity bonus to farmers against power bills Punjab News Line, Sept. 19, ‘10

India mulls 11-billion-dollar fund for power generation

google.com, Sept. 9, ‘10

After fast breeder, IGCAR to develop boilers for power plants

The Hindu, Sept. 7, ‘10

Tower triggers power crisis

telegraphindia.com, Sept. 6, ‘10

Smart Grid: Transforms the Grid and Empowers the Customer

arcweb.com, Sept. 6, ‘10

IGCAR to develop advanced boiler for coal- fired power plants Newkerala.com, Sept. 5, ‘10

Bringing Light to India's Rural Areas

NY Times, Sept. 3, ‘10

IKEA donates 500K lamps to India, Pakistan

Sanjiv Goenka plans power drive for CESC Bloomberg.com, Sept. 2, ’10.

Adani Power Falls by Record in Mumbai After Indian State Regulator Ruling Bloomberg.com, Sept. 2, ’10.

Good monsoon no help in increasing hydro power generation Econ. Times, Sept. 2, ‘10

ONGC's Gas-Powered Plant to Ease Electricity Crisis in India's Northeastern States, an Industrial Info News Alert Marketwatch.com, Sept. 1, ‘10

India Misses April-July Coal Production Target by 5% Even as Economy Grows Bloomberg.com, Aug. 30, ’10.

Nuclear plant: Farmers intensify their stir Sify.com, Aug. 27, ‘10

Renewable sources are the key to energy security LiveMint, Aug. 25, ‘10

Banks want tax-free bonds to fund solar projects B. line, Aug. 25, ‘10

Can fuel cells power the future? Msnbc.msn.com, Aug. 23, ‘10

Self-Cleaning Solar Panels Arrive from Mars Solar calfinder

'Further changes in liability bill if need be' The Hindu, Aug. 21, ‘10

India cabinet approves nuclear liability bill BBC News, Aug. 20, ‘10

India's Cabinet clears crucial nuclear bill B. Week, Aug. 20, ‘10

Higher liability in N-Bill will make nuclear power costly B. Standard, Aug. 20, ‘10

Karnataka to purchase 1,000 MW each year B. Standard, Aug. 17, ‘10

India's Suzlon Energy reports bigger Q1 loss

India's Solar Opportunities and Challenges Renewableenergyworld.com, Aug. 16, ‘10

Cairn India, Sesa Goa shares slump in Mumbai Marketwatch, Aug. 16, ‘10

Indian engineer designs matchbox-sized inverter S. India, Aug. 13, ‘10

Indowind Energy receives approval for 18 MW wind farm at Chitradurga, Karnataka evwind.es, August 13, ‘10

Solar power plant plans move ahead in California cnet.com, Aug. 13, ‘10

IMS forecasts China as the world's largest Solar PV market by 2014 eeherald.com, Aug. 12, ‘10

Wind-power’s share to be 24% by 2030 igovernment.in, Aug. 11, ‘10 India inches towards wind-power to overcome power shortages

BGR Energy signs two JV agreements with Hitachi constructionweekonline.in, Aug 10, 2010

'Energy efficient practices reduce power shortage' Oneindia, Aug. 5, ‘10

Gujarat government against second UMPP in the state LiveMint.com, Aug,. 4, ‘10

Adani Power eyes solar energy, inks 40 MW deal The E. Times, Aug. 3, ‘10

Adani buys Linc Energy's coal mines for Rs 12,600cr The Times of India, Aug. 3, ‘10

BHEL synchronises second unit at Dadri power plant ConstructionWeekOnline.in, Aug. 2, ’10

India emerging as a solar PV hub: SEMI S. India, July 30, ‘10

India can afford to double share of renewable energy, says study Livemint, July 29, ‘10

PowerGrid to invest Rs58k cr on transmission network Livemint, July 29, ‘10

SOLARCON® India 2010, India’s largest solar energy event kicks off in Hyderabad prlog.org, July 28, ‘10

Nuke energy is next big source of power: Expert T. of India, July 27, ‘10

Govt plans $11 bln fund for power sector – paper Reuters, July 27, ‘10

Rutgers’ Chinese Solar Panels Show Clean-Energy Shift Bloomberg.com, July 23, ‘10

Gas to fuel Reliance profit; subsidies may dent ONGC The E. Times, July 23, ‘10

Power Grid, India to Sell 20 Percent Stake Worth $1.8 Billion Businessweek, July 22, ‘10

Electricity prices surge due to erratic rains Business Standard, July 21, ‘10

Global Model Confirms: Cool Roofs Can Offset Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Mitigate Global Warming Berkeley Labs, July 19, ‘10

Suzlon secures 19.2 MW repeat order Suzlon Energy (SEL), the world`s third leading and India`s largest windturbine manufacturer, has received a repeat order from Siddhayu Ayurvedic Research Foundation (P) a Baidyanath group company

Suzlon receives 37.8 MW order Myiris.com, July 15, ‘10

Jindal to add 2145 MW by FY11: Eyes coal mines Commodityonlime.com, July 15, ‘10

India sitting on huge untapped solar PV off grid opportunities Samachar.com, July 13, ‘10

He is lighting up villages with rice husk! Rediff.com, July 6, ‘10

Solar plane lands after completing 24-hour flight Yahoo News, July 8, ‘10

Solar lamp designed by Indians wins award for helping developing countries DNA India, July 7, ‘10

Reliance Power, Reliance Natural Resources merge

IIT-Kanpur to set up 850 KW solar power plant The Econ. Times, June 23, ‘10

Elec. Light & Power Powergrid international Utility Products

Reliance Natural Merges With Reliance Power Online.wsj.com, July 4, ‘10

Obama Commits to Clean Energy Jobs rechargenews.com, July 4, ‘10

Consumers getting more attention in smart grid CNet News, July 2, ‘10

First glimpse of EU's solar, windfarm plans CNet News, July 2, ‘10

IEEE Improves Power Grid Performance With IEEE P1547.8 Standard IEEE smart Grid, June 28, ‘10

The New Golden State of Smart Grid Elec. Light & Power

India Likely To Miss Power Capacity Addition Target In XI Plan RTT News, June 22, ‘10

GVK's 800-MW power project in AP to be built by Hyundai, L&T Econ. Times, June 21, ‘10

PSUs may sell 50% of hydel power locally Econ. Times, June 21, ‘10

Foreign firms take shine to $70 bln India solar push Econ. Times, June 17, ‘10

Captive power units turn money-spinners for cos Business Line, June 21, ‘10

India Inc shops for electricity on power exchanges B. Line, June 16, ‘10

Solar light bulb to shine on developing world CNet.com, June 12, ‘10

India set to add 1,100 MW solar power by next year Business Line, June 12, ‘10

New solar cell technology best suited for India S. India, June 11, ‘10

Plan to install cogeneration power units in 12 sugar mills The Hindu, June 4, ‘10

'Give thrust to green technology' Expressbuzz.com, June 4, 10

India expands renewable energy capacity by 2.3GW ifandp.com,June 2, ‘10

When will biotechnology in India be properly regulated? DNA India, May 7, ‘10

Academic Paper in China Sets Off Alarms in U.S. NY Times,  March 20, ‘10

GridPoint Lands U.S. Postal Service as Customer Greentechmedia.com, May 24, ‘10

New found land for solar opportunities- Gujarat India Renewable Energy World, May 24, ‘10

Smart Grid Revolution Starts With Big-Electron Storage Forbes.com, May 14, ‘10

Mescom cuts down distribution loss B. Line, May 27, ’09.

Sylvania takes on 60-watt bulb with LED light CNet, May 13, ‘10

Solar power could produce 25% of global electricity by 2050, studies say LA Times, May 12, ‘10

The Bridge The Electricity Grid Volume 40, Number 1 - Spring 2010

Offshore Wind Power: Is It Worth the Trade-Offs? Time magazine, April 28, ‘10

New Delhi stadium gets 1-megawatt solar roof cnet.com, April 15, ‘10

NASA's New Eye on the Sun Delivers Stunning First Images nasa.gov, April 21, ‘10

Fuel Cell Technology Renewable Option For Urban BTS EFY Times, April 24, ‘10

New pressure-cooking technique converts algae into cheap biofuel DNA News, April 23, ‘10

OLED Lights Are Here, If You Want Them Greentechmedia, April 16, ‘10

Solar Mission to award projects based on tariff discounts Business Line, April 18, ‘10

IIT Bombay, Applied Materials to collaborate on renewable energy S. India, April 16, ‘10

Securing the smart grid cnet.com, April 9, ‘10

First Solar exploring new panels in Silicon Valley cnet.com, April 9, ‘10

Sunny nights: Solar lamps for 40,000 girl students in UP Indian Express, April 5, ‘10

Over Rs 5,000 crore worth power generated from Narmada ZEE News.com, April 4, ’10.

Gujarat ready to supply surplus power to TN: Minister ZEE News.com, April 4, ‘10

AP Exclusive: `Smart' meters have security holes yahoo.com, March 26, ‘10

Scientists steal electricity from algae for the first time DNAIndia.com, March 27, ‘10

Berkeley Lab to Build DOE Advanced Biofuels User Facility Berleley Labs, March 31, ‘10

India makes thin film solar cell leap Livemint.com, March 24, ‘10

GE to Make Thin-Film Solar Panels Technology Review, March 24, ‘10

Gains from competition in power distribution Financial Express, March 24, ‘10

IITian to generate electricity from sewage water S.India, March 24, ‘10

Bill Gates, Toshiba to build nuclear reactor Infotech.indiatimes, March 23, 2010.

STRAIGHT FROM THE SUN The Telegraph, March 23, ‘10

Foreign universities have a goldmine in occupational areas The Times of India, March 22, ‘10

Planning panel scales down power generation target The Hindu, March 22, ‘10

Indian farmers battle against nuclear plant BBC News, March 16, ‘10

How safe is cloud computing? CNN Tech, March 12, ‘10

Throwing the Race for Green Energy Miller-McCune. Com, March 18, ‘10

India's government withdraws nuclear power legislation LA Times, March 16, ‘10

Star Investor Vinod Khosla Responds Greentech.media, march 15, ‘10

India and Russia Build Ties With Pacts NY Times, March 12, ‘10

IIT Kharagpur plays leadership role in advancing renewable energy in rural India Online PR News, March 12, ‘10

India Power Exchanges Struggle WSJ, March 11, ‘10

Green Kingpins Part 1: KR Sridhar of Bloom Energy Greentechmedia.com, March 10, ‘10

India speeds up renewable energy growth through economic plan Ecoseed.com, March 9, ‘10

Alternative energy blooms Livemint.com, March 9, ‘10

MIT scientists discover new way of producing electricity DNAIndia, March 8, ‘10

MIT’s Big Green Fuel Cell Idea Greentechmedia.com, March 12, ‘09

Thermax sees openings in renewable energy Business Standard, March 1, ‘10

Poor response to bid for power equipment dismays govt. LiveMint, Feb. 28, ‘10

Is Bloom Energy's Secret Ingredient Zirconia? Greentechmedia.com, Feb. 22, ’10.

The Secret Ingredients Inside IBM’s New Solar Cell Greentechmedia.com, Feb.19, ’10.

'Fuel cocktail' to increase bio-diesel yields The Hindu, Feb. 15, ‘10

UK and India Collaborate on Cheaper and More Efficient Solar Cells azonano.com, Feb. 14, ‘10

Bloom vs. Solar: Which One is Best? ! Greentechmedia.com, Feb. 24, ‘10

After almost a decade of development and hundreds of millions in investment, Bloom Energy is coming out. Greentechmedia.com, Feb. 22, ‘10

Bloom Energy Revealed on 60 Minutes! Greentechmedia.com, Feb. 19, ‘10

The Bloom Box Lands, and the Unanswered Questions Are… Greentechmedia.com, Feb. 21. '10

Low power cellular stations to connect villages S. India, Feb. 12, ‘10

We are looking at solar energy as a viable source of green energy Voicendata.com, Feb. 3, ‘10

Smart Grid Voicendata.com, Feb. 3, ‘10

An IITian lights 10,000 homes in rural Bihar SiliconIndia, Feb. 2, ‘10

$11 Million More For Fuel Cells and Biomass Gets a Boost Greentechmedia.com, Jan. 25, ‘10

US Asks World Bank To Stop Funding Coal-Fired Power Plants In Developing Countries CleanTechnica, Jan.24, ‘10

Indian Government In Talks With MIT To Source Its High-Capacity Solar Power Battery System CleanTechnica, Jan.24, ‘10

Wastewater may solve eco hurdles in algae-based biofuel production DNAIndia, Jan. 24, ’10.

Lasers to beam solar energy collected in space to Earth

'India to have 6,000 MW solar power by 2017' B. Standard, Jan. 18, ‘10

Enecsys to unveil new solar panel technology Silicon India, Jan. 17, ‘10

Centre limits mega power projects to 3 per company BusinessLine, Jan. 15, ‘10

'Energy savings can wipe out shortages' B. Standard, Jan. 8, ‘10

Solar-powered rooftop batteries to electrify homes T. of India, Jan. 10, ‘10

SOUTH ASIA: 'Harness Untapped Renewable Energy Sources' -- Experts IPS News, Jan. 7, ‘10

India's first commercial solar power plant

British firm Atlantis mulls tidal power project in Gujarat LiveMint.com, Nov. 28, ’09.

Aegon Religare bets on power sector stocks LiveMint.com, Nov. 27, ’09.

Energy | Power generation capacity to rise by 29% LiveMint.com, Nov. 19, ‘09

Suzlon sees 400-500 MW in new orders, 10 Sep 2009, Express Buzz

Facebook strips down to Lite site, 11 September 2009, BBC

Solar power in India will cost less than coal energy in five years, Sep 21, 2009, Business Standard

Natural Gas Hits a Roadblock in New Energy Bill, The New York Times, Sep. 06, 09

BHEL, BEL to float joint venture for solar panels facility, SiliconIndia, Sep. 01, 09

Suzlon in talks to sell gearbox unit, Hansen, Business Standard, Aug. 31, 09

IISc revives old energy technology, ExpressBuzz.com, Aug, 27, 09

Demand for electricity sputters and bills may fall, Yahoo, Sep. 05, 09

India to Share Nuke Know-How with Lanka, DailyMirror, Sep. 05, 09

Why the Gloom on Solar-Energy Stocks? B. Week, Aug. 13, ‘09

The Renewable Landscape: A Look at Clean Energy in Asia Reuters, Aug. 19, ‘09

A new energy frontier? MSNBC News, Aug. 20, ‘0

Energy Business Review

EDP Initiates INR84 Million Solar Energy Project For South Punjab, India Cleantechnology-business-review.com, Aug. 6, ’09

OC, HPCL, MRPL To Purchase Oil From Cairn India's Rajasthan Fields Cleantechnology-business-review.com, Aug. 7, ’09

Marcial: First Solar's Bright Future Business Week, Aug. 9, ’09

Clinton Foundation Signs MoU To Build 5,000 MW Solar Park In Gujarat, India Cleantechnology-business-review.com, Aug. 6, ’09.

India Plans To Establish 20 Units Of PHWR Reactors Cleantechnology-business-review.com, Aug. 4, ’09.

Top Article: Everybody Wins Times of India, Aug. 10, ‘09

$1.5 Billion IPO for Indian Hydropower Company Business Week, Aug. 10, ‘09

Solar power plan roll-out likely this year IBEF, Aug. 11, ‘09

Nuclear arm FrontLine, Aug. 15-28

India sets out ambitious solar power plan to be paid for by rich Guardian.co.uk, Aug. 4, ‘09

India’s Solar Plan, World’s 'Most Ambitious', Not a Done Deal Guardian.co.uk, Aug. 5, ‘09

Now, leaves that sweat to generate electricity! DNA, July 31, ‘09

TCS to sell stake in power bourse infotech.indiatime, 31 July ’09.

Nuclear submarine all set to enter waters The Hindu, July 26, ’09.

Unplug to recharge electronic devices The Hindu, July 27, ’09.

Domestic coal not enough for power sector: Jaiswal The Hindu, July 27, ’09.

Shortage of 15,000 MW in country: minister Business Line, July 27, ‘09

Nuclear Power in India World Nuclear Association July 9, ‘09

India Floats Plan to Add 200 Gigawatts of Solar Power Solve Climate.com, June 2, ‘09

India's Massive Renewable Energy Opportunity Being Squandered Solve Climate.com, April 19, ‘09

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