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Rohit Mujumdar

CASI Spring 2024 Visiting Fellow
Urban Planner and Architect

April 1, 2024 to May 7, 2024

Rohit Mujumdar is a student of Southern cities and urbanization. His current research attends to the myriad ways in which monsoons' everyday wetness and extreme events weave into the urban majority’s life in India’s coastal monsoonal geographies, and explores the possibilities of decolonizing and democratizing climate change action through multimedia storytelling. As a CASI Spring Visiting Fellow, he is collaborating with Nikhil Anand and Lalitha Kamath on a public seminar Stories of Climate Action: Framing and Fabricating Futures in Mumbai, and a workshop titled Urban Climates: Uncertain Adaptation and the Infrastructures of Crisis

His prior research engagements in India have focused on the politics of collective action in response to large-scale urbanization and infrastructure projects, emerging contexts of housing and urbanization in second cities, urban transition in metrocity peripheries, heritage and environment conservation, regeneration of portlands, urban infrastructure planning, and refugee resettlement and rehabilitation. 

Rohit teaches as an Assistant Professor at the School of Environment and Architecture, Mumbai.