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CASI Winners of Summer 2024 Travel Funds Competition

2024 CASI Summer Research Grant Recipients

We are proud to introduce the 2024 recipients of the CASI Summer Research Grants. These students will be undertaking innovative research projects in India, supported CASI. Their work spans a diverse range of fields ranging from administration and governance, rural development, healthcare, and economic development.

Tanya Vaidya: Penn Arts and Sciences, Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science
The Contractualization of the "Sarkari Naukri"

Sage Leland: College'26, Neuroscience
A study of patient digital usage habits, access, and attitudes at a high-volume eye hospital in Southern India

Norah Rami: College'26, English
Literary Freedom and Political Dialogue on Kolkata's College Street

Kshama Mumbai: College '26, Economics
Effect of Dissent Within RBI on Financial Markets

Koyna Tomar: Ph.D. Candidate in History and Sociology of Science
Dairy Democracy: Food and Techno-politics in Modern India, c.1880-1989

Kamalini Hegde: Joint Ph.D. Candidate South Asia Studies and Anthropology
Mapping Agricultural Cooperatives in Karnataka: A Preliminary Exploration

Christopher LaMack: Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology
An Investigation of Small Industry in Colonial Bellary District, 1800-1947

Rushnae Kabir: Ph.D. Candidate in Department of Religious Studies
Popular Islam in India: Love, Gender and Community Formation

2024 CASI Summer Interns

We are excited to announce this year's cohort of CASI Summer Interns. These talented Penn students will embark on fully-funded internships in India, tackling diverse challenges across different sectors such as public health, environment and sustainability, education, gender, and social enterprise. The CASI Summer Internship allows students to gain invaluable on-the-ground experience and foster deep cross-cultural understanding. 

Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI): Gurgaon, Haryana

Jaymaba Ndiaye: SAS'25, Health and Society

Shristi Mapchan: College'25 Psychology, Minor in Medical Sociology and Chemistry

Siddiqa Faruki: Nursing'26, Global Health

Aravind Eye Care System: Madurai and Pondicherry

Amanda Kossoff: Vagelos Life Sciences & Management Dual-Degree Program'27, B.S. in Economics & B.A. in Biology 

Asanti Mergiya: Life Sciences & Management Dual-Degree Program'26 B.S. in Economics, Health Care Management & Policy & B.A. in Biology

Alicia Zhang: College'27, Computational Biology

Hana Matsuda: Engineering'25, Bioengineering 

Nitin Seshadri: College'25, Neuroscience 

Shivek Narang: College'25, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science with a minor in Healthcare Management

Shahi Exports:

Bedansh Pandey: College'26, International Relations

Iniyaal Raguraj: College'26, Political Science and Computer Science