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CASI Winners of Summer 2020 Research Grants

Vikrant Dadawala: School of Arts & Sciences, PhD Candidate in English
The Decades of Disillusionment: India and the World, 1960-1990

Rithika Kumar: School of Arts & Sciences, PhD Candidate in Political Science
The Politics, They are A-Changin’: Making Sense of Rising Female Political Participation in India

Elizabeth Jacobs: School of Arts & Sciences, PhD Candidate in Sociology
Global Gatekeepers: How Institutions Regulate and Constrain Skilled Migration Flows

Megan Reed: School of Arts & Sciences, PhD Candidate in Sociology
Three Chapters on Marriage and the Reproduction of Social Inequalities in India

Arnav Bhattachaya: School of Arts & Sciences, PhD Candidate in History & Sociology of Science
Making Sex Scientific: A History of Sexology in Modern India, 1880-1960

Kimberly Noronha: Stuart Weitzman School of Design, PhD Candidate in City & Regional Planning
How Does the State-Informality Relationship Define the Lived Experience of Informality?

Neelima Paleti: College '21, Health & Societies
Modern Births? An Investigation of Socio-cultural factors of Cesarean-sections in India

Tathagat Bhatia: College '21, Science, Technology, & Society
Development Dreams: Fertilizer Plants In Postcolonial India, 1947-84