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CASI Announces Winners of Summer 2014 Travel Funds Competition

Aravind Eye Care Systems

Jane Chen, C W’16, Chemistry, Operations and Information Management (OPIM), Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Zach Chen, C W’16, Vagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management: Biology, Finance, Statistics, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Abhinay Ramachandran, SEAS’15, Bioengineering, Madurai, TN


LEAP Skills Academy

William Cao, C W’17, Biological Basis of Behavior, Economics, Yamuna Nagar, Harayana

Sofia Bernier C’15, Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, Yamuna Nagar, Harayana

Kristi Littleton, C’15, Biology, Yamuna Nagar, Harayana


Central Himalayan Rural Action Group (Chirag)

Caroline Kee, C’15, Heath and Societies, Sitla, Uttarakhand

Aardra Rajendran, SEAS’16, Bioengineering, Sitla, Uttarakhand

Mary Stachofsky, C’15, Economics, Visual Studies, Sitla, Uttarakhand

Eileen Wang, C'16, Health and Societies, Sitla, Uttarakhand


Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce (DICCI)

Sarah Kho, W’16, Finance, Pune, Maharashtra

Shreya Zaveri, W’16, Management, Operations and Information Management (OPIM), Pune, Maharashtra


Samaj Pragati Sahayog (SPS)

Daniela Castillo de Luna, C’15, Urban Studies, Architecture, Dewas, Madhya Pradesh 

Carrie Childs, V’16, Penn Veterinary School, Dewas, Madhya Pradesh


IMFR Rural Channels and Services

Leah Davidson, W’16, Finance and Management, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Nikhil Devnani, W’16, Finance and Accounting, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


2014 Summer Travel Funds for Research Winners!

Emma Boswell, Ph.D. Candidate, Wharton School, Healthcare Management and Economics
The Radiating Effects of Quality Uncertainty of Pharmaceuticals in India

Alexandra Hughes-Caley, MFA Candidate, School of Design, Interdisciplinary Art
Exploring the Social Landscape of Contemporary Rape Cultures in India: Engaging Art

Tanvi Mittal, C’15, Anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences
Ethnography of Karen Tribe in the Andaman Islands

Prakirti Nangia, Ph.D. Candidate, School of Arts and Sciences, Political Science
Social Assistance: The New Silver Bullet in Development Policy

Sudev Sheth, Ph.D. Candidate, School of Arts and Sciences, South Asia Studies
People, princes, and paramountcy in India: A social history of statecraft and governance in Baroda, 1721-1949