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Defying the Odds: The Rise of Dalit Entrepreneurs



Devesh Kapur, D. Shyam Babu and Chandra Bhan Prasad Defying the Odds: The Rise of Dalit Entrepreneurs New Delhi: Random House India, 2014.
This book project was funded by a multi-year grant awarded to CASI from the John Templeton Foundation.
Defying the Odds is about the new Dalit identity. It pro­files the phenomenal rise of twenty-one Dalit entrepreneurs, the few who through a combination of grit, ambition, drive and hustle—and some luck—have managed to break through social, economic and practical barriers. It illustrates instances where adversity compensated for disadvantage, where working their way up from the bottom instilled in Dalit entrepreneurs a much greater resilience as well as a willingness to seize opportunities in sectors and locations eschewed by more privileged business groups.
Traditional Dalit narratives are marked by struggle for identity, rights, equality and for inclusion. These inspiring stories capture both the diffi­culty of their circumstances as well as their extraordinary steadfastness, while bringing to light the possibilities of entrepreneurship as a tool of social empowerment.

“This important and insightful book should be read by all thinking Indians.”  



“The heartrending stories of success in this book offer new possibilities on how we may eradicate the inequities that exist in our social fabric.”  



“An emotionally powerful book. The authors share inspiring stories of remarkable individuals who overcome adversity to persevere and create a new path of possibility for the Dalit community—and India itself.”  



“A profoundly important account of what the struggle for social and economic mobility means in India.” 



As of July 2014, the book is available in India through Flipkart and Amazon. A kindle e-book version is available in the US via Amazon.

Book Project Funding

The John Templeton Foundation

Grant Press Release

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