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Juni Bahuguna

Assistant Director, Student & Visitor Programs

Juni Bahuguna began her role as Assistant Director, Student & Visitor Programs at CASI in January 2023. Previously, she'd served as Administrative Coordinator at CASI since August 2021. Prior to CASI, she worked as a teacher's assistant in north Philadelphia, where she managed a classroom of high-energy children, tailoring activities to stimulate and engage their young minds as they progressed. She was also a Fellow at The Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia in 2020-21, where she worked closely with mentors in the field of psychoanalysis and medicine to understand foundational concepts of behavior and performance.

Before moving to the US in 2018, Juni worked at The Quint as a copyeditor, working under tight deadlines to publish news and views at the heart of contemporary India that shaped public opinion. Prior to that, she worked at Drishtee, a social organization, where she led vocational training and skill-building activities in rural India, especially among women. Juni completed her B.A. in History at Delhi University in 2009 and earned her M.A. from the Centre for Historical Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University in 2011. 

In her spare time, Juni enjoys photography, old-fashioned letter writing, and collecting postcards.