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CASI Announces Winners of Summer 2010 Travel Funds Competition

The travel funds for this year will be distributed among fifteen Penn students. The travel funds assist Penn students to participate in either volunteer internships with Indian NGOs or conduct independent research projects in India during the summer months. 

The travel funds for CASI-partnered NGO internships in India are made possible through the generous support of the Office of the Provost, with special thanks to the University of Pennsylvania’s Office of International Programs (OIP) and the International Internship Program (IIP) for administering the competition.

A total of nine Penn students have been selected for internship programs. There are three winners for the CASI-Piramal Foundation Summer Internship at the Grassroots Development Laboratory (GDL) in Bagar, Rajasthan; two winners for the CASI Summer Internship at Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group in New Delhi; and four winners for the CASI-Karuna Trust Summer Internship in Karnataka. The Karuna Trust internship was introduced for this summer. 


Piramal Foundation GDL 

Siler Bryan, C'11, International Relations and Modem Middle East Studies, Bagar, Rajasthan

Margaret Krasne, C'12, Health and Societies, Bagar, Rajasthan

Sarah Souli, C'11, Political Science with a concentration in International Relations, Bagar, Rajasthan  


Michelle Lee, C'12, English and Urban Studies, New Delhi

Samuel B. Ribnick, C'11, History with a concentration in Diplomatic History, New Delhi

Karuna Trust

Alexander Ryu, C'11, Economics, Bangalore, Karnataka

Juulia Enberg, C'12, Mathematics, Bangalore, Karnataka

Pavithra Jaisankar, C'11, Health and Societies, Bangalore, Karnataka

Koren Jones, Master of Science in the School of Nursing, Bangalore, Karnataka


There are two winners conducting undergraduate-level research in India for their senior honors theses, and four winners conducting graduate-level research in India.

Summer Research in India, Undergraduate Winners:

Sean Angiolillo, C'11, International Relations and South Asia Studies.

Sasha Riser-Kositsky, C'11, Comparative Politics, Diplomatic History, and South Asia Studies.


Summer Research in India, Graduate Winners:

Emmerich Davies, a first year Ph.D. candidate in the department of Political Science (focusing on localized collective action and self-help groups in Tamil Nadu).

Dahlia Mukherjee, a second year Ph.D. candidate in Clinical Psychology (focusing on depression and anxiety disorders in Kolkata).

Aaron Mulvany, an advanced dissertation student in the department of South Asian Studies (focusing on flood recovery and local coping mechanisms and strategies in Pondicherry and Karaikal). 

Iva Patel, a candidate for a Master of Arts in South Asian Studies (focusing on the ethnography of translation in post-independence Gujarat).