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A Home with CASI...

The Indus Science and Technology site was created in 2000 by Dr. M. A. Pai, Professor Emeritus, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois and his wife, Mrs. Nandini Pai.

When Dr. and Mrs. Pai created the site, they envisioned it finding a permanent home in an academic institution. After eight years of developing it, Indus Science and Technology has found a home at CASI. As the multifaceted areas of science and technology continue to grow and expand in India well into the 21st century, CASI gratefully takes on the task of partnering with Dr. and Mrs. Pai in continuously providing the most relevant and informative links available.


July 28, 2017
Telegraph Daily

An exhibition portraying an array of India's homegrown technologies….

July 20, 2017
The Hindu

Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant in Devanahalli could be a model….

July 16, 2017
Business Standard

Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh today….

Current News

August 9, 2017
The Hindu

Apple CEO promises scaled-up local manufacturing,….

August 9, 2017

People across 25 cities join scientists in demanding more funding for research….

August 8, 2017
The Wire

The hope of scientists is that the ‘March for Science’ ….


July 25, 2017
Factor Daily

In the flood-ravaged areas surrounding the Brahmaputra river in Assam….

July 17, 2017
Berkeley Labs

India is pushing hard to electrify its automobile market,….

July 17, 2017
Berkeley Labs

The Department of Energy’s Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI), ….


August 9, 2017

Indian scientists have demonstrated that waste water from some of the dirtiest industrial processes….

August 5, 2017
The Hindu

A new antibiotic drug-delivery system….

July 29, 2017
The Hindu

Controlling the level of telomerase can probably prevent cancer metastasis….

Educational & Research Institutions

April 28, 2015

Well known among the top providers of higher education in India, MIT Skills has recently introduced Business Analytics Course ….

Entrepreneurship & Innovations

August 5, 2017
The Hindu

IBM, one of the world’s largest technology companies….

July 30, 2017

A US-based company has created a medical device….

July 28, 2017
The Indian Express

Manisha Mohan, an Indian scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)…


August 10, 2017
Hindustan Times

“The amount of data moving over telecom networks is growing exponentially in India,….

August 4, 2017
The Hindu

In a step towards self-reliance, India’s indigenously-developed global positioning system,….

July 21, 2017
First Post

After a first-of-its-kind initiative with the European Space Agency (ESA),….