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The Indus Science and Technology site was created in 2000 by Dr. M. A. Pai, Professor Emeritus, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois and his wife, Mrs. Nandini Pai.

When Dr. and Mrs. Pai created the site, they envisioned it finding a permanent home in an academic institution. After eight years of developing it, Indus Science and Technology has found a home at CASI. As the multifaceted areas of science and technology continue to grow and expand in India well into the 21st century, CASI gratefully takes on the task of partnering with Dr. and Mrs. Pai in continuously providing the most relevant and informative links available.


May 13, 2016
India Times

NEW DELHI: A wider use of plastics in agriculture can reduce the losses in harvesting,….

May 12, 2016
Economic times

NEW DELHI: Government will cover as many as 585 agricultural markets electronically….

May 4, 2016
NY Times

Compared with medicine, where small companies often lead in turning cutting-edge science into new drugs,….

Current News

May 26, 2016

New York, April 26 (IANS) A San Francisco-based startup has raised $17 million to “rehumanise the interaction”….

May 23, 2016
The Hindu

The villagers of Thumba and Pallithura dedicated the St. Mary Magdalene church to the nation….

May 23, 2016
Live Mint

Four Indian cities among the top 10 most polluted in theworld, according to World Health Organization….


May 18, 2016
News X

Shimla: State-run Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board Ltd (HPEBL)

May 13, 2016
Live Mint

Steve Bolze, president and chief executive officer of GE Power,…. 

May 6, 2016
Business Standard

Under the plan, the aggregate production & sales volume will hit 5 million in five years …. 


May 20, 2016
The Hindu

India’s idea of putting a red line on antibiotic packages to curb….

May 16, 2016

Scientists have developed an algorithm for portable devices….

May 13, 2016
STAT news

Over 130 scientists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and government officials from five continents….

Educational & Research Institutions

April 28, 2015

Well known among the top providers of higher education in India, MIT Skills has recently introduced Business Analytics Course ….

Entrepreneurship & Innovations

April 23, 2016
Times of India

Teams from BITS Pilani, IIT Bombay and Varanasi were announced the winners….

March 29, 2016
The Washington Post

LAS VEGAS — Jamie Tyler was stressed. He had just endured a half-hour slog through airport security….


March 18, 2016
Washington Post

A team of engineering students in India have come up with a driverless bicycle…..


May 21, 2016

In an unassuming hangar near a fishing village in Kerala,….

May 18, 2016
Nature World News

Space exploration is a complex science which is why it is understandable….

May 15, 2016
Live Mint

A sleek winged body almost the weight and size of a sports utility vehicle SUV….