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Past Events

2/27/2015 Navina Haidar India's Islamic Aesthetic Heritage CASI Seminar
2/20/2015 Sanjay Ruparelia India's New Rights Agenda: Genesis, Character, and Trends CASI Seminar
2/13/2015 Ashutosh Varshney Caste and Religion in the Era of Economic Growth CASI Seminar
2/6/2015 Anandi Mani Poverty's Brain Drain CASI Seminar
12/5/2014 Akshay Mangla Bureaucratic Politics and Democratic Rights: Forging a Right to Education in India CASI Seminar
11/14/2014 S. Chandrasekhar Spatial Distribution of Economic Activities and Commuting by Workers in Rural and Urban India CASI Seminar
11/11/2014 Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay Local Funds and Political Competition: Evidence from the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in India CASI Seminar
11/7/2014 Anirudh Krishna Globalized Growth in Largely Agrarian Settings: The Case of India CASI Seminar
10/30/2014 Patrick Heller Growth and Citizenship in Indian Cities CASI Seminar
10/30/2014 John Bosco Lourdusamy Tea and Technology: The Case of Colonial India CASI-Related Event